Caregiver Program has been boosted in 2019!


The “Home Child Care Provider” and “Home Support Worker” programs both offer a direct pathway to Canada Permanent Residence and allow applicants to bring their family members with them to Canada. 

The first program is the Canadian version of the “au-pair” job. Foreign national receives a full-time work permit to care for children, while the Home Support Worker program allows the candidate to provide support to a person in need. Each of these programs results in the worker obtaining a Canada Permanent Resident status in 2 years of performing the job.

These two programs provide an occupation-specific work permit instead of an employer-specific work permit. It means that caregivers are not bound to one employer, but may change employers within that occupational field if desired. An advantage of both of these programs is that they are LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) exempt. To get the work permit without the LMIA process saves you much time and thousands of dollars.

To apply for the work permit, potential caregiver or home support worker must have a job offer in Canada, and meet the following criteria:

  • Language tests result showing a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 5 in English or French;
  • One year of Canadian post-secondary education or the foreign equivalent; 
  • Qualify to perform the work described in the lead statement of your eligible occupation. For example, two years of experience in the occupation or combination of experience and education; and
  • Admissibility to Canada.

How does it work?

No matter if you live outside on inside of Canada, you are eligible for a 3-year caregiver work permit, given that you satisfy the program conditions. 

The key condition is to have a job offer. To obtain a job offer, you must get in touch with a Canadian family or preson in need looking for a full-time caregiver, either as a live-in or live outside of their house. Once you agree on the job, the process can start. 

The candidates apply right away for permanent residency with all the supporting documents. This application gives them not only a 3-years caregiver work permit but also an open work permit for spouse/partner and study permit or visitor record for kids. The processing of the permits might take up to 12 months, so plan well ahead. Finally, after completing two years of work as a caregiver or home support worker in Canada, the candidate and dependents are eligible to achieve a permanent residency status in Canada. 

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