Avoid Immigration Fraud

There are many individuals out there offering immigration advice, however only some of them are authorized to do so. Follow these simple steps when choosing your immigration representative to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of an immigration fraud and losing your money: 1. Is your representative licensed?Whenever you hire a representative to communicate with […]

Official Translations of Documents for the Purpose of Immigration to Canada

Under the rules of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), every document not written in English or French – including police record, birth certificate etc – must be accompanied by an official translation into one of these languages. IRCC does not accept translations performed by family members, friends or applicants themselves. All Canadian authorities including […]

Health Insurance for IEC Participants

IEC (Working Holidays, Young Professionals and Co-op) program requires its participants to have a proof of travel health insurance covering medical care, hospitalization and repatriation for the whole duration of their IEC participation. Even though most provinces enable IEC participants to enrol in their provincial health plans, having a provincial health car is not enough […]

IEC programs in 2019

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE CANADA (IEC) International Experience Canada (IEC) provides young people with the opportunity to work in Canada. Depending on your country of citizenship/residence, you can choose from three IEC categories: Working Holidays Visa (WHV)  You get an open work permit that will allow you to work for more than one employer/any location in Canada.  […]