An LMIA is a document that many Canadian employers need to obtain before hiring a foreign worker. After spending your first year in Canada with a Working Holiday Visa work permit, you might wish to extend your stay. “What are my options?” is the single most important question you will face. You may be lucky enough […]


Canadian citizens enjoy many rights however these rights come with certain responsibilities. Current Canadian Citizenship Act Physical presence for 3 (1095 days) out of 5 years preceding the date of the application. For every day during which the applicant was physically present in Canada as a temporary resident (worker, student, visitor, protected person) before becoming a permanent resident, the […]

Provincial Programs

Most Canadian provinces and territories have their own immigration programs and can nominate immigrants based on their actual needs. Provincial Nominee Programs enable Canadian provinces and territories to select individuals who wish to settle in their province. Each Canadian province and territory has its own immigration programs based on their actual labour market needs. Becoming […]

Express Entry

Express Entry is a skilled immigration system to handle permanent residency applications. Each candidate is assigned a score on a 1200 point scale and ranked against other candidates. Cut-off score is determined. Cut-off score determined regularly… In January 2015 IRCC introduced a new skilled immigration system to handle permanent residency applications under the Canadian Experience […]