Work permit

Work permit is an authorization to legally work in Canada for a given amount of time.

If you are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you will most likely need a work permit to work in Canada. The exceptions to this rule are extremely diverse so it might be worth looking at the detailed list of work-permit exempt categories (please follow this link - before you continue reading further. Unless you fall under one of these exemptions, you need to get a work permit to be authorized to work in Canada.

There are different types of work permits:

  1. LMIA-Exempt Open Work Permit (such as Working Holidays Visa, Spousal Work permit, Post-Graduate Work permit);
  2. LMIA-Exempt Restricted Work Permit (such as Young Professionals Work Permit, PNP nomination based work permit);
  3. LMIA-stream Work Permit (your employer needs to obtain a positive LMIA before you can apply for this work permit).

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